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What basic conditions should be met for stamping metal parts

What are the basic conditions to be met for planned stamping parts?

  Metal Shell SalesManufacturers believe that regardless of the planned production of stamping parts are used where, it is necessary to strictly follow the corresponding guidelines to plan stamping parts, in order to ensure product quality under the premise of the completion of energy saving, efficiency and other purposes. So what are the planning criteria for stamping parts?

First of all, the planned stamping parts need to be conducive to the utilization of progressive metal materials, reduce the types and standards of information, as far as possible to reduce the cost of information. In the case of promise, you can choose low-priced information to manufacture stamping parts, as far as possible to make parts without scrap and less scrap punching.

Secondly, the planned stamping parts have the necessary shape is simple, reasonable structure, in order to simplify the mold structure, simplify the number of processes, so that the use of less, abbreviated stamping process to complete the entire part of the processing, cut and other methods of processing, and conducive to stamping operations, easy to arrange the completion of mechanization and automated production, in order to improve labor production rate Of course, the planned stamping parts also need to be satisfied with the use of products and skills functions, and can be easy to assemble and repair. Come on, yo. It is beneficial to use the existing equipment, process equipments and process flow as far as possible to process it, and is conducive to the extension of the service life of the die.

In addition, the planned stamping parts to ensure the normal use of the case, as far as possible to make the scale accuracy grade and appearance roughness level requirements are lower, and conducive to product exchange, reduce waste, ensure product quality stability, reduce its cost, improve the value.

Stamping parts are mainly metal or non-metallic sheet, with the pressure of the press, through stamping die stamping molding, it mainly has the following characteristics:

The ⑴ stamping parts are made by stamping under the premise that the data is not expensive, and the parts are light in weight and good in stiffness, and the arrangement structure inside the metal is improved after the sheet material has been plastic deformation, which makes the strength of the stamping parts progress.

⑵ stamping parts have high scale accuracy, uniform consistency with the scale of the module, and have good exchange. No need for further machining can be satisfied with the General Assembly and application requirements.

⑶ stamping parts In the stamping process, because the appearance of the data is not damaged, so there is a better appearance, smooth and beautiful appearance, which for the appearance of painting, electroplating, phosphating and other appearance of the supply of convenient conditions.