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The realization way of billet optimization planning in the sales of electronic hardware parts

Various realization ways of optimal planning of stamping parts blank

After all, the precision and quality of the stamping parts have a direct connection with the planning of the billet, and there are many methods to plan the stamping parts, and the planning scheme obtained according to some experience calculation formulas, because of its application range is affected, it is first applied to the expandable stamping parts with relatively simple shape, such as rotating parts, bending parts, or a stamping piece consisting of these abbreviated pieces.

Because only the stamping parts with relatively simple shape can establish the corresponding sliding line field, and only under the condition of special brief chasm, the mathematical expression of sliding line is given from the feature square solution, and the reason why the mathematical operation of sliding line fain is more complicated makes it difficult to popularize this method in the practical production of stamping parts billet.

Together, a few mapping method is also one of the planning methods of stamping parts billet, and its theoretical basis is to realize the mapping of workpiece to billet according to some assumptions without considering the divides of deformation force, stress-strain connection and Gap conflict.

But now widely used in stamping parts billet molding method is imitation, under certain hypothetical conditions, according to the similarity of mathematical description of many physical problems, through mathematical similarity theory, the use of other physical media model to imitate the metal flow of sheet flange. This planning approach requires the planning of electrolyte units and data measurements, so that their accuracy is affected by human factors.

In addition, a speed field analysis method is introduced, which is to optimize the billet planning of stamping parts according to the initial velocity field of the divide point in the process of deformation of the workpiece. In the process of deformation, the gap point moves from the initial azimuth to the ultimate forming direction. The motion nonlinearity of each node, and the direction is changing at all times, obviously, if the ultimate azimuth of each node is located in the goal generalization, then the planning is ideal.

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