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Causes of tearing and tilting phenomenon in electronic stamping parts processing

Causes of tearing and tilting phenomenon in stamping parts processing

The inspection found that the stamping parts had a tear, tilt phenomenon, and because of the difference between stamping forming and production process conditions, the share of each fracture site was different. According to the actual situation of the scene, after checking the tear part of the stamping parts, the shape of the fracture and the degree of extrusion, it is thought that there are many reasons for tearing and tilting the stamping parts.

It may be that the process parameters are not reasonable in the stamping process, it is usually required that the die, the pressure core and the parts of the two need to be tightly fitted together, in the Machine tool slider slide when the press plastic deformation and complete the formation. But now because of the shortcomings of the stamping parts, such as unstable quality, it is elucidated that the pressure of the machine tool in the production process is in a state of unbalanced pressure beat.

It is also possible that the design defects of the flanging forming die in the stamping parts processing, resulting in the mold structure conditions forming stroke is large, the pressure area is small. This paper expounds that when the designer starts the mold design, it only takes into account the characteristic of the small pressure surface, but neglects the sliding stroke of the pressure core forming.

Perhaps with the mold processing parts and drawings design errors related to the stamping parts before forming, positioning by the pressure core on the plane positioning pins and holes, so that the pressure core in the workpiece forming needs to ensure stability, solid and correct navigation, otherwise the workpiece in the forming will be unstable, so that the pressure core and die wall attack collision kneading, Causing the workpiece to produce tensile stress, when the strength limit of the data is exceeded, causing the workpiece to tear, tilt is not right again, if the mold structure to consider other elements, and ignore the selection of special guide skateboard guidance, but the choice of processing surface with each other guide structure, there is too large gap, can not adjust the defect, resulting in the stamping The undesirable phenomenon of tilt.

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