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Stamping parts manufacturers believe that the manufacture of stamping parts is a stamping die frame mold Flow

Manufacturing stamping parts is the frame mold flow of stamping die

Manufacture of stamping parts before the demand will be a good stamping die frame, for the subsequent stamping process to provide a stable and outstanding root after the beginning, so we want to understand how the stamping parts manufacturer is to complete the stamping die frame, what is the detailed process?

Stamping parts used in the production of stamping die in front of the mold, to select the appropriate mold tonnage of the punch, and to see if the height of the mold in the punch to the scope of the promise. ; Together will be the punch on the stepping down surface to clean up, there must be no foreign bodies, mold under the bottom of the mold seat must not have debris, to flatten.

Then you can place the stamping die molded by the stamping parts in the middle of the punch table, with this punch stroke selection inch move. And in the beginning of the mold, to first lift the slider, and then in an inch of the way slowly dropped to the next dead point. With regard to some molds with die handles, it is necessary to align the die handle to the die handle hole, to the lower dead point, and to close the first and lower die.

And some stamping die is no mold handle, so only need to place the mold in the right position, and pay attention to the mold hole can not block the drop hole on it. It is important to note that the pads used are necessary to be flat and to see if their forces are balanced, and to keep an eye out for the damage of the mold by not plugging the material to avoid plugging it.

Stamping parts of the mold frame mold, about the molding mold can be first tightened on the mold, and then put into the required punching material thick scrap, the use of sliders to adjust to the appropriate closed height, and empty hit two to three times, and then lock the mold. And the V-shaped mold frame will be up and down the mold slider closed the clamping mold, the slider will rise to the scale of the thickness of the punching material.

Here is not finished, and then look at the stamping parts of the upper and lower die is not locked, whether there is abnormal phenomenon, and put things in place, finishing the scene, meet the requirements before you can start the production of stamping parts.

Manufacturing stamping parts is the frame mold flow of stamping die

  Stamping parts ManufacturersIt is considered that the stamping parts are formed by pressing external forces on the plate, strip, pipe and profile, etc., so that they have plastic deformation or separation, and then obtain the shape and scale of the workpiece (stamping parts) of the forming processing method. Stamping and casting belong to plastic processing (or pressure processing), collectively known as forging. Stamping blanks are mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates and steel belts.