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Analysis of the importance of stamping parts manufacturers in manufacturing materials

The importance of materials and the progress of technology in the manufacture of stamping parts

Stamping parts processing production efficiency and ease of operation, easy to complete mechanization and automation, this is because stamping is dependent on die and stamping equipment to end processing, the general press travel times can be up to dozens of times per minute, high-speed pressure to reach hundreds of times per minute or more, and each stamping trip may get a punch.

In the stamping process, the outer surface of the workpiece is only in contact with the pressure liquid, the pressurization process is steeper, so the stamping parts forming changes evenly, can obtain a symmetrical pressure dispersion, and can be a much better smooth outside appearance; The key can also shorten the processing time, complete the batch production.

Of course, before the production of stamping parts, the material needs to be thoroughly and thoroughly viewed to ensure that it meets the production conditions, in order to prevent the problem from continuing into the workpiece. According to the past experience, the selection of stamping parts should take into account the trademark, thickness, standard scale and so on. Only the use of a reasonable plate, it is possible to process into a high-quality stamping parts.

When selecting the processing plant of stamping parts, we should also pay attention to the design of stamping parts, it is necessary to strictly follow the drawings read by the rules and procedures, to conform to the relevant standards of occupation, the precision of stamping parts, as well as the requirements of stamping parts and mold technology, molds should also be made according to the drawings of the reading, so as to advance

Considering the importance and particularity of stamping parts, whether the production is still storage time must ensure the integrity of the function, so the good way is to place it in the sealing box, or more enclosed space, so that the impact of the factors will be less, to avoid the product to be abundant protection.

Compared to other workpieces,Stamping parts ManufacturersIt is considered that the stamping parts have the characteristics of light weight, thin thickness and good stiffness, and its scale tolerance is guaranteed by the mold, so the quality is stable and generally does not need to be used by mechanical cutting. In addition to the traditional use of presses and steel molds to manufacture stamping parts, hydraulic forming and spinning forming, superplastic forming, blasting forming, electro-water forming, electromagnetic forming and other special stamping forming process has also developed rapidly, the stamping technology level has advanced to a new height.