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Processing process of electronic stamping parts processing

The essence of metal stamping parts processing and its processing process

HardwareElectronic stamping PartsProcessing generally refers to the cold pressure parts processing, the need to design a set of molds according to the shape of the parts, and then the use of this mold stamping out the required parts, this is cold stamping, directly with the mold on the metal data stamping a simple processing process. Metal Stamping parts processing is the use of the usual or special stamping equipment power, so that the sheet in the mold directly deformed force and deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and function of the product parts of the production technology.     From this, it can be seen that sheet, mold and equipment is the three elements of stamping parts processing. Not only that, hardware stamping parts processing is also a metal cold deformation processing method, it is one of the first methods of metal plastic processing, but also attributed to data molding engineering technology.     Metal stamping parts processing compared with castings, forgings, with thin, uniform, light, strong characteristics.     Metal stamping parts processing can be divided into separation process and forming process two categories, the former is in the stamping process to make stamping parts and sheets along the certain contour line separation from each other process, and the latter is the blank in the condition of not being damaged plastic deformation, the formation of the required shape and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. After a variety of process processing of metal stamping parts can be used in different industries, if the actual use of hedging pressure parts have other requirements, can be after stamping molding after the post-sequence of other processing technology to achieve, thereby enhancing the value of the device.

Stamping equipment In addition to thick plate water press forming, generally the use of mechanical press. Conveyor and other machinery and mold library and rapid mold change device, and the use of computer program control, can form a high production rate of active stamping production line.

In the production of dozens of, hundreds of pieces of stamping parts per minute, in a short period of time to end the feeding, stamping, out, discharge waste and other processes, often occur personal, equipment and quality accidents. Therefore, the safe production in stamping is a very important problem.

General workpiece in the stamping process, due to the stamping process, especially in the cold forging stamping process, the temperature will soon rise, must add smooth products smooth, if not the use of smooth and direct stamping, welding-assembly, the appearance of oil-free parts easy to weld and assemble. The research and practice indicate that the beauty can metal extremely inert gas arc welding, Tungsten pole gas protection arc welding, resistance welding application has a good result.