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Production and useful precautions for scrap of metal parts

Production and useful precautions for the production of stamping parts scrap

Because of the impact of many factors, resulting in the production of stamping parts can not meet the standards, can only be scrapped. This will bring great loss to the enterprise, so we should find the cause of stamping parts become scrap, and make useful precautions to improve the qualified rate of the product?

There are many reasons for the production of scrap stamping parts, may be the quality of the original information of the stamping parts is inferior, may also be related to the production of stamping parts of the die, such as the punching die device adjustment and improper use, die due to long-term use, attack voids change or their own work parts and guide parts wear; The fastening parts are loose, which makes the azimuth attack of each device of the die relative change.

In addition, the production of stamping parts may also be caused by the operator's operational errors, such as the operator did not feed the strip in the correct way, did not operate in accordance with the operating procedures and so on. For these reasons, what is the precautionary response?

In order to ensure the pass rate of the stamping parts, the original data need to be in line with the technical conditions of the rules, in order to do this, it is necessary to strictly check the original data standards and grades, in case of conditions of dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements of the workpiece for testing and viewing.

and hedging pressure.Metal partsThe various links in the production process procedures shall be strictly adhered to in a comprehensive manner, and tooling equipment such as presses and stamping dies shall be used to ensure the operation under normal operating conditions; As far as possible in the production process to establish a strict inspection system, timely and accurate detection of product problems.

Stamping parts and castings, forgings fighting strength, there are thin, uniform, light, strong characteristics. Stamping can produce workpieces with reinforcement, ribs, coiled or flip edges that are difficult to manufacture at this skilled diameter to improve their rigidity. Because of the rejection of rough mold, the accuracy of the workpiece can reach the micron level, and high precision, consistent standards, can be punched out of the hole nest, convex table and so on. In practice production, the usual process experiments similar to the stamping process, such as the drawing function experiment, the bulging function experiment and other inspection data stamping function, to ensure the product quality and high pass rate.

Stamping equipment In addition to thick plate water press forming, usually take a stagnant press. With the focus of contemporary high-speed multi-station stagnating press, set up equipment configuration unwinding, product collection, warranty and other stagnating as well as mold library and convenient die-changing placement, and the use of computer French control, can form a high pro pigment rate of forced stamping pro pigment line. In the case of pigment dozens of, hundreds of pieces of stamping parts per minute, in the short kung fu to end stamping, out of parts and other processes, often attack personal, equipment and quality accidents. Therefore, the safety pro pigment in stamping is a more important topic.