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Coping plan of various process problems in electronic stamping parts processing

Coping plan of various process problems in stamping parts processing

Most of the steel is made of stamping products, stamping can be produced by other methods difficult to manufacture with reinforcement, ribs, ups and downs or flanging of the workpiece, in order to improve its rigidity. and stamping parts and castings, forgings comparison, with thin, uniform, light, strong characteristics, workpiece accuracy can reach the micron level, and high repeatability, specifications together, can be punched out of the hole nest, convex table and so on.

  Electronic stamping PartsIt is by pressure machine and mold on the plate, strip, pipe and profile, such as the application of external forces, so that it produces plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the desired shape and scale of the workpiece forming processing method. In this process, will inevitably encounter some problems, how to deal with and deal with it?

When stamping parts processing when the workpiece section quality and scale accuracy requirements are high, can be in the punching process after the addition of trimming process or direct selection of precision punching process. In order to improve the stability of precision stamping parts process, it is sometimes necessary to add the number of processes to ensure the quality of stamping parts.

In many cases, the number of processes in twists and turns depends primarily on the degree of clutter of its structural shape, depending on the number of twists and turns, relative position and tortuous direction. When the tortuous radius of the zigzag is less than the allowable value, a shaping process is added after the twists and turns.

Similarly, the number of processes in the drawing parts is related to the nature of the data, the height of the drawing, the number of drawing steps and the drawing diameter, data thickness and other conditions, which need to be determined by the drawing process calculation.     When the rounded radius of the drawing is small or the scale accuracy is high, a shaping process needs to be added after the drawing depth. On this basis, the determination of the number of stamping parts process should also be in line with the enterprise's existing mold talent and stamping equipment status.     Mold molding should be able to ensure that the mold processing, installation accuracy of the corresponding improvement requirements, otherwise only the number of operations can be added. In the punching shape of the workpiece, the choice of a single process mold to complete; on the contrary, punching shape messy stamping parts, due to the structure or strength of the mold is limited, its internal and external generalization should be divided into several sub-punching, the need to choose a multi-channel stamping process.