Divine craftsmanship and principle of wave filter housing

  Filter housingStamping process production is an efficient method of tensile process: stamping is an efficient method of production, the selection of composite mold, especially multi-position progressive mold, can be completed in a press on a multi-channel stamping process, to achieve by the material unwinding, leveling, punching to forming, finishing fully automatic production. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, generally can produce hundreds of pieces per minute.

Stamping is mainly classified according to the process, can be divided into separation process and forming process two categories. The separation process is also called punching, the intention is to make the stamping parts along the certain contour line from the sheet separation, together to ensure the quality requirements of the separation section. The intention of the forming process is to cause the sheet to explode and deform under the condition of not breaking the billet, making the desired shape and size of the workpiece. In practice production, it is often a variety of processes used in a comprehensive application to a workpiece. Punching, twists and turns, shearing, drawing, bulging, spinning and correcting are some of the main stamping processes.

Filter housing can not be separated from these processes, as long as such a process to create a perfect filter shell products.

Power Filter Housing Triple action Power Filter Principle: The Power filter Shell has a triple effect is: waterproof, better grounding, to prevent customers from turning over privately.

The Power filter housing can also play the role of maintaining the internal element equipment, the power filter is installed in the device shielding inside, the equipment internal circuit and components on the EMI signal will be radiated in the filter (power) end of the lead on the generation of EMI signal and directly coupled to the outside of the device, The inhibition of EMI radiation occurring on internal components and circuits by shielding the loss of equipment. Of course, if there is an EMI signal on the filter (power supply), it will also be coupled to the components and circuits inside the device due to radiation, and then destroy the inhibitory effect of the filter and shielding on the EMI signal. So it doesn't work.

Setting Skills:

A filter is a device that filters a wave to filter out the frequency point at a specific frequency in the power cord or at frequencies other than that frequency point, to obtain a power signal of a specific frequency, or to eliminate a power signal after a specific frequency.

The Chinese patent discloses a filter containing a cover plate and a cavity, which contains an upward opening and covers the cover plate on the cavity when used. Because the filter is often fixed on the outdoor launch tower, so it will often withstand the wind and rain, the above filter is only fixed on the cavity through a layer of cover plate, the sealing effect is limited, may lead to rainwater and dust into the cavity inside, and thus affect the normal operation of the filter.