Stamping materials and process requirements for precision electronic stamping parts

The stamping function and process of stamping data used in fine stamping parts require fine stamping parts to be made by stamping, extrusion, rolling, welding, cutting and a series of processes, because of its manufacturing difficulties are relatively large, so in order to meet the requirements of production, to achieve outstanding product molding, the stamping data about fine stamping parts have a higher condition requirements.

First of all, the requirements of fine stamping parts stamping data need to have a certain stamping function, in order to be easy to obtain high-quality and high-precision fine stamping parts, easy to produce processing, at the same time, its primary stamping process of the ultimate deformation degree and the total limit deformation degree should be large enough to improve the production power. The prerequisite is that the stamping data on the fine stamping parts, fine stamping die loss and wear should be low.

Secondly, the stamping data of fine stamping parts should be satisfied with the corresponding process requirements, for example, its thickness public service should conform to the standard. Although different mold voids are suitable for different thickness of data, but if the thickness of the data is too large, not only directly affect the quality of fine stamping parts, but also may lead to damage to the mold or press.

And the data itself should also have a high surface quality, can not exist oxidation skin, cracks, rust spots, scratches, stratification and other defects, good quality data in the processing is not easy to break, but also not easy to bruise the mold, the fine stamping parts obtained by the surface quality.

At the same time, the data requiring the production of fine stamping parts have higher elongation and section shortening rate, lower yield and higher tensile strength, higher plasticity, high degree of deformation, is conducive to the stability of the stamping process and deformation uniformity, improve the precision of the forming size of fine stamping parts.

In addition, stamping data also has outstanding adaptability to mechanical bonding and continuous processing, reducing the possibility of damage to mechanical equipment. The use of data can be satisfied with all the above conditions of the manufacture of fine stamping parts, the quality is guaranteed.

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