What are the main features of electronic stamping parts

(1) Stamping parts have a high standard accuracy, with uniform specifications of the module together, there is a good interchangeability. No need for further machining can be satisfied with the general equipment and use requirements.

(2) Stamping parts are made by stamping under the premise that the data consumption is small, its parts are light weight, good stiffness, and the sheet material through plastic deformation, the internal structure of the metal has been improved, so that the strength of the stamping parts has been improved.

(3) Stamping parts in the stamping process, because the appearance of the data is not damaged, so there is a good appearance of quality, appearance lubrication beautiful, which for the appearance of painting, electroplating, phosphating and other appearance of the supply of convenient conditions.

Metal Stamping Parts

How to adjust to avoid hardwareElectronic stamping PartsWhat about the damage?

1, the selection of hardware accessories type, norms and functions should be in line with the current norms and relevant regulations, and the selection of plastic steel doors and windows to match.

2, the width of more than 1 meters of sliding window, or equipment double-glazed doors and windows, it is advisable to set up a double pulley, or choose tumbling pulley.

3, SLIP support hinge must not choose aluminum alloy data, should choose stainless steel data.

4, with fastening screw equipment hardware, it is necessary to have metal lining plate, lining plate thickness should be greater than twice times the fastener tooth spacing, must not be fastened to the plastic profile, also must not choose non-metallic lining.

5, Hardware accessories Gold should eventually equipment, doors and windows locks, handles and so on should be in the window door fan into the box and then assembly, to ensure that the azimuth is correct, switch alive.

6, metal stamping parts after equipment should pay attention to maintenance, to avoid rust and corrosion. In the daily use of light off, to avoid hard off hard open, constitute damage. No noise, there is now the nylon wheel, it not only push up no noise, but also smoother, lighter, service life is not shorter than the above all kinds of pulleys, to make (door) window normal, smooth operation, to (door) window to choose a high-quality pulley, the residual pulley from the appearance, the work is relatively rough, no lubrication, Sliding up is not lively, small and light. Do that six o ' clock. Hardware stamping parts Basically there will be no damage.