Price economy and process detail of electronic stamping parts

Economy of stamping process

1, the main way to reduce the cost of manufacturing

1) Rationalization level of the forward process.

2) Plan the tooling of each workpiece to be processed together.

3) with the forward stamping process of automation and high-speed level, reduce the cost.

4) The method of adopting the utilization rate of the forward material decreases the cost.

5) Forward mold planning level, cut the process, forward mold life.

Stamping process

1, according to the total deformation properties of the material, stamping process is divided into two categories of five kinds of foundation deformation.

1) Separate process: under the external forces of the material, the stress of the deformed part exceeds the fracture of the strength limit sheet of the material respectively.

2) Plastic deformation process: under the external forces of the sheet, the stress of the deformed part exceeds the yield limit of the material, but when the strength limit is not reached, only the plastic variable table occurs and the certain shape and standard are obtained.

1, the basic principle of cold stamping

Metallic or non-metallic deformation occurs under external forces, and when the external force exceeds the yield limit of the material, the initial plastic deformation. If the pressure increases again, beyond the ultimate strength of the material, metal or non-metallic will initially crack, respectively. Cold stamping is the use of metal this property, so that the material at room temperature respectively or deformation, and then get the required shape and precision requirements of the workpiece.

2, cold stamping benefits are

1) Under the impact of the punch, you can get a messy shape of the workpiece.

2) After processing the workpiece precision is high, the standard is stable, the interchangeability is good.

3) In the case of small material loss, you can get light weight, good strength, good rigidity, appearance lubrication beautiful parts.

4) The application rate of materials is as high as 75%~85%.

5) Most of the materials used are sheet or coil easier to choose mechanized and automation equipment. High-speed punch up to hundreds of pieces per minute.

6) Simple operation, low labor intensity.

7) The cost of the workpiece is low under many production conditions.

3, cold stamping defects are high requirements for molds, mold production is more messy, not suitable for small batch production.

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