Filter housing Analysis of the application considerations of power supply filter

Filter housing analysis on the application of power filter ·

Filter housing Analysis of the application of power Filter Note: In general, when the Power filter is installed in an electronic device or system, it is important to note that when strapping the equipment cable, the filter (Power) end and (load) end of the wire must not be strapped together, because this undoubtedly exacerbates the electromagnetic coupling between the filter input and output end , which seriously undermines the ability of filter and device shielding to suppress EMI signals.

  Filter housingThe lead should try to prevent the use of long grounding wire power filter Output connection inverter or motor wiring length does not exceed 30 cm is appropriate. Because the long grounding line means greatly increasing the grounding inductance and resistance, it will seriously damage the filter's common-mode ability to suppress. A better approach is to fasten the filter shielding securely to the chassis at the entrance to the device's power supply with a metal screw and a star-shaped 绷簧 washer. Power filter input line, output line it is necessary to pull away from the power filter input line, output line it is necessary to open the distance, do not parallel, avoid reducing the filter efficiency; The Power filter shell and chassis shell need good touch Inverter special Filter metal shell and chassis shell need to ensure good face touch, and the grounding line is connected;

The cable of the power filter should choose the input and output cable of the twisted-pair power filter to choose the shielded twisted pair, which can effectively eliminate some high-frequency disturbance signal, the filter shell protection effect to reach waterproof leak-proof.

Filtering is the operation to filter out a specific band frequency in a signal. Digital signal processing is usually implemented by FFT/IFFT, so the frequency of demand filtering can be multiplied by the "filter function" and the processed signal to reach the purpose. Categories: Active filtering, passive filtering, Kalman filter, adaptive filtering, digital filtering, wiener filtering, band-pass filtering, median filtering and so on, in short, the classification is more complex. Repeated harmonics are particularly serious about the disturbance of the weak power system, in order to reduce the harmonic on the weak power system disturbance, so to filter out some repeated harmonics.

The filter should have an indication of which end is the load end, the load is connected to your power supply. But if you are a plastic filter shell, and with a metal filter, perhaps a bit of improper filtering, should be said to be a bit spoiled, because the metal filter for common-mode filtering, plug loss is very large, plastic chassis common modulus is very small, to clean up the parasitic capacitance of the earth, it should be said that there is no common-mode noise.