Correct installation and construction method of power filter shell

There is a grounding terminal on the housing of the filter, which invisibly reminds the user that the filter needs to be grounded. Therefore, in the actual project, without exception, the grounding terminal of the sine wave filter is seen attached to a grounding line. But why should this line be linked, but few people know it.

What is the effect of the grounding terminal of the filter? : In the basic circuit of the power cord filter, one end of the common-mode filter capacitor is attached to the filtered wire (front and 0 lines) and the other end is attached to the ground. For a filter, this is the shell of the filter, and the grounding terminal on the filter is the shell of the filter. From the principle of the filter, we know that the grounding end of the common-mode filter capacitor should be connected to the shielding chassis or a large metal plate. So, this grounding terminal is for you to connect the filter to the chassis or to the large metal plate.

Is the grounding terminal useful in practice? : In the comments on capacitors, we have now seen that even very short leads can have a significant impact on the bypass effect of capacitors, so when making electromagnetic interference filters, do everything possible to shorten the capacitance leads (and even the use of three-terminal capacitors or piercing capacitors). The filter is grounded by this grounding terminal, which is equivalent to extending the lead length of the common-mode filter capacitor. The reality shows that the length of these grounding lines has long been much greater than can be tolerated. As a result, these grounding terminals are usually useless (unless a very short, thick grounding line is used). On the contrary, there is a bad effect, which is to mislead you through it with a long wire grounded.

Correct grounding mode: The metal shell of the filter must be affixed to the conductive surface of the metal chassis in large areas.

Functional differences between the plastic filter housing and the metal filter Housing:

The Plastic filter housing has outstanding insulation function and is not easy to conduct electricity. Do not resist external forces, in the gravity of the squeeze easy to break. And the high temperature can be weak. In the conditions of strong high temperature easy to deform.

Metal Filter shell conductive function is good, anti-external force is not easy to deform. But the price of shell raw materials is relatively high. High cost.

Their common feature is the maintenance of internal components safety, moisturizing function is good. and give the filter a beautiful appearance.

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