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Auto parts Manufacturers
Auto parts Manufacturers

What are the good ways to buy auto parts products?

See "Storage" auto parts if the appearance of dry crack, oxidation, discoloration mirror or aging and other problems, may be in the storage side of the environment poor, long storage time, the material itself and other reasons formed;

See "bonding" if the clutch piece rivet loosening, brake tube degumming, electrical parts joint stripping, paper filter seam removal and other phenomena, it can not be used;

Look at the logo part of the regular parts marked with certain marks, such as the gear mark, piston top symbol and other assembly symbols, used to ensure that the machine is the correct device, there is no can not buy;

To see the missing formal assembly parts need to complete intact, in order to ensure smooth loading and normal operation. Some assemblies on the individual small parts of the leakage, generally "fish", these to the loading of the formation of difficulties. Often due to a shortage of individual small parts, the formation of the entire assembly parts are invalidated;

Look at the protective layer in order to facilitate the storage, to avoid parts bump, parts out of the factory before there is a protective layer. For example, bushings, large bearings, pistons, valves and so on are generally used with paraffin protection, so as to avoid damage to its appearance, these important accessories, appearance if there is no protective layer, mostly "parallel fish";

Look at the document some important parts, especially the Assembly class, such as carburetor, distributor, generator, etc., the factory generally with instructions, certification, in order to guide the user installation, use and protection, if not most of these are impersonated fake and shoddy products;

Look at the standard purchase of auto parts, to find out the main technical parameters, special technology to meet the requirements of application. Some impersonate fake and shoddy products look similar to real goods, but loaded up is not suitable, or large or small point, the use of is always not very satisfied, and leave an accident hidden danger.

The test statement issued by the third party can not only prove the authenticity, but also show its quality.