Deep supply of drawing parts

Deep supply of drawing parts
Deep supply of drawing parts

Wrinkle is the flange of a deep drawing part when it is pulled deep.

Product Description

1, all the labels of the companyFilter housingThe scale refers to the shell scale, which does not include the scale of the shell edge;

2, the company has been announced with the filter shell supporting the plastic parts, grounding terminals and terminals, if there are supporting requirements please contact;

3, the company's existing filter shell scale has been more than 200 species, you are welcome to come to order.

4, the company's unique technical brilliant shell plating process, salt mist test can be up to 12 hours, beautiful appearance.

Ander filter shell, with its high accuracy, high efficiency to meet the broad masses of customer recognition and praise, products are exported to the whole country, into the world's top 500 enterprises. Products to surface lubrication, small radius of the fillet, no tensile traces, beyond the same industry, Ander hardware has become the domestic filter shell industry leading brand.

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