Tensile parts Price

Tensile parts Price
Tensile parts Price

What is the difference between a die casting and a stretch piece, and how do you distinguish it from the outside?

Die castings are generally more complex parts. The appearance of Die castings are: stripes, cold septum tattoo, abrasions, depressions, bubbles, stomata, shrinkage holes, patterns, cracks, undervoltage, imprinting, mesh burrs, flying edge shortcomings and so on.

The appearance of the tensile parts is no pressure castings those disadvantages.Pull deep piecesThe shape should strive for brevity, symmetry, mouth should be promised a little rebound, side wall response should be process slope. The wall thickness of the cylinder wall part generally has the phenomenon of upper thick and thin.

Die casting is a kind of pressure casting parts, is the use of casting mold pressure casting machinery die-casting machine, heating into Liquid copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy and other metals poured into the die-casting machine inlet, through the die-casting machine die-casting, casting mold constraints of the shape and scale of copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts, Such parts are usually called die castings. Die Castings in different local names, such as die-casting parts, pressure castings, die castings, die-cast aluminum, die-casting zinc parts, die-casting copper parts, copper die castings, zinc castings, aluminum die castings aluminum die castings, aluminum pressure alloy castings, aluminum die-casting parts and so on.

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