Sensor Shell Price

Sensor Shell Price
Sensor Shell Price

Sensor housing

Applicable: Sensor accessories, Home appliance accessories, thermocouple protection pipe, food grade temperature shell, communication accessories, hardware accessories and so on.

Our copper sensor housings are widely used in multi-functional microcomputer temperature controllers, industrial temperature controllers, microwave ovens, ovens, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, soy milk machine occupations and other categories.

The copper sensor housing is attributed to the metal stamping parts. Products using stretching, stamping and other operating procedures eventually become the required temperature sensor's primary accessories. Its specification models are diverse.

The primary characteristic of the sensor housing is explosion-proof treatment.

The characteristics of the sensor include: miniaturization, digitalization, intelligence, versatility, systematization, networking. It is the first link to realize automatic detection and automatic control. The presence and development of sensors allows objects to have senses such as touch, taste and smell, allowing them to slowly become alive. Usually according to its basic perceptual function is divided into thermal components, photosensitive elements, gas sensitive elements, force sensitive components, magnetic sensitive elements, wet sensitive elements, acoustic sensitive components, radial sensitive elements, color sensitive components and taste sensitive components, such as ten categories.